Saturday, April 15, 2006

Music to Set Batters Down To

Papelbon against the Mariners

I have to say, 5 saves in, I'm liking the Papelbon fist-pump, and I'm hoping to see more of it.

Does he have a good entrance song yet? Haven't noticed one. Slate was discussing the evolution of entrance songs for closers -I gotta say, I don't think much of the metal theme (even if metal is popular for movies), or at least of the particular song choices closers have made. G'n'F'n'R... I suppose "Get in the Ring" is too profane. I always thought "Lust For Life" would make for a good song - plus "Here comes Johnny Yen again" would sound nice when Papelbon comes in.

A song about heroin as an entrance song. Now that's laying the smack down.

According to bostonsportsmediawatch, he comes in to a Drowning Pool song. They list it as Draining Pool, but they're wrong.

The Herald has a correction today.

Drowning Pool's "Bodies"? Ick. Although I suppose "Let the bodies hit the floor" isn't a bad line for a closer.

The BSM article says it's 'Sinner', by Drowning Pool.

I was wondering what was Shilling's song when he was closing last year? Did he even have one?

Curt's song is and always has been "Welcome to the Jungle". He didn't change it when he was in the bullpen.

I love Foulke's choice of "Mother" by Danzig, which is somewhat offbeat and unusual, but effective--like him. It's also somewhat pompous and nasty--like him.

And it's not really a closer song, but Mike Timlin's "Black Betty" is also perfect. You're right, though, that Jonathan has to find that perfect song, and I don't think "Bodies" is it. Although the idea of the closer song is that it gets the closer himself psyched up, so if "Bodies" works for him, that's what should play.

Hey look at that. That's some funny timing!

Looks like the Ultimate Warrior theme is in...

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