Sunday, June 19, 2005

Buck vs McCarver: Ga-ga Land

On a more cheerful note, Joe Buck really got in his jabs at Tim McCarver's inordinate amount of Jeter-worship in the Yankees-Cubs game. Grunherz54 over at Sons of Sam Horn had a transcript (which saved me a hell of a lot of work - thanks Doug!):

Joe Buck: Now, obviously, you're talking about one of the best (Jeter) leaders in the game today, somebody who is just a winner, and somebody who - when he came up in his rookie year in '96 - just had that look about him like he'd been here before. Jeter has been one of the most consistent players in the game over the past nine years.

Tim McCarver: At the risk of going ga-ga too much, I mean, this guy is thoroughly hip. He is about as hip, to use that young expression, as there is any player in the game. He's tough, he's rugged, he is a winner, he's a guy who makes the big plays, and he has four World Series titles to his credit.

JB: Clearly the two of us are thoroughly in love with Derek Jeter.

TM: Ah, c'mon! I knew, see, when I say 'at the risk of going ga-ga' I knew that you would point out that I was going ga-ga.

JB: Well I was over there too, I was in Ga-Ga Land, too. (With a broadcaster tone dripping with sarcasm.) He's a winner, he's a born leader, this is a live Yankeeography...

TM: (Laughs uncomfortably)

JB: ...24 home runs, this handsome, debonair, swashbuckling...

TM: Quit it!

JB: ...last guy to wear number 2 for the Yankees hit back in 1999. HE is Derek Jeter and HE is out. One away here in the third inning.

TM: Cut it out. (More forced laughter.)

JB: Somehow Glendon Rusch got him to ground out. And here's Womack. Ga-ga land is shut down for Tony Womack. The rides are closed.

So Joe Buck makes some atonement for bearing the demon phrase "slamma-lamma-ding-dong" into the world. And I have no idea what Tim McCarver thinks "hip" means.

Maybe he means it in the Barry Zito, 'curvy, childbearing, womanly hips' sense? I don't know, I avoid looking at Jeter as much as possible, but perhaps McCarver is trying to say that Jeter also has these much-discussed feminine hips.

That is a hilarious exchange. I wish I had heard that live. Good for Buck for giving it to that boob McCarver.


To me the ultimate moment for McCarver Jeter worship remains the 'calm eyes' tirade at the start of the 2003 ALCS. McCaver must have gone on about Jeter's calm eyes for 5 minutes, and FOX had this horrific close-up of said eyes. It was just laughably bad.

thank you! i've been looking everywhere for that! i normally want to stab joe buck repeatedly but i have to say that was one of the most hysterical things i have ever heard.

Clearly Joe Buck agrees with me that McCarver just needs to marry Jeter, have his babies, and shut up already.

I read somewhere that when Jeter got his grand slam shortly thereafter, Buck invited McCarver to go back to gaga land and he refused. He must have been wicked embarrassed. Good. (I initially typed that as "gag land." Hee.)

As for "hip," all I can think of is the famous SNL line: "He looks like the Rock has sex with a muppet!"

That is just the best thing ever.

Thank you for posting this! It's something like what we'd all like to say to McCarver, isn't it?

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

If Joe Buck was smarter, he'd have done that during a Sox/Yanks game and would endear himself forever to all Sox fans across the country.

Can we please send Buck and McCarver on the next solar sail directly into Sol, where we would hear McCarver blathering until his long overdue demise about Derek Jeter's "intangibles" while actually pondering mouthing his "tangible."

Actually, the "Calm Eyes" comment, was made in the '04 ALCS.
In the '04 WS coverage on FOX, Tim kept going on about Jeter, A-Fraud, & Steve Carlton, in Game 4.
BTW, Tim is still broadcasting Game 4 of the World Series.

@ The present time, on my blog, a parody of McCarver, calling another sport, along with some other melodramatic blohole, is being written, under the title of "The K of C Free Throw Contest Meets FOX Saturday Baseball Game of The Week-Help". Part 1 is done, & Part 2, the actual(Mock) Telecast, is being composed, with every inane McCarverism, imagineable. Joe Buck, & I, save the day, as McCarver gets every name wrong, save for(You Guessed it, correctly) Derek Jeter, who's not even playing.

Buck has saved the day. We hear less of McCarver & MORE of The Game. TYJB(Than You, Joe Buck).

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