Friday, May 06, 2005

The network of livejournals

Okay, the A-Rod and Matsui faux livejournal things were funny (especially when "Matsui" wrote them in haiku: "Chinese pitcher starts / I wish he were Japanese / Cannot trust Chinese"), but the level of detail of the whole enterprise is quite scary... who goes to all the trouble to create blogs by Jay Gibbons, Brett Tomko, Nick Swisher, Michael Tucker, and Kyle Farnsworth?

Here's a list...

Sox: Arroyo, Bellhorn, Damon, Manny, Millar, Mirabelli, Ortiz, Theo, Varitek, Wells, Youkilis.

As: Eric Byrnes, Bobby Crosby, Rich Harden, Danny Haren, Hatteberg, Swisher, Barry Zito
Astros: Brad Ausmus, Brandon Backe, Clemens, Morgan Ensberg, Andy Pettitte
Brewers: Chris Capuano, Ben Sheets
Cardinals: Mark Mulder, Scott Rolen
Cubs: Michael Barrett, Nomar, Nomar #2, Mark Prior, Kerry Wood
Diamondbacks: Brad Halsey
Dodgers: Eric Gagne
Giants: Edgardo Alfonzo, Marquis Grissom, J.T. Snow, Tomko, Tucker, Omar Vizquel
Marlins: Josh Beckett
Mets: Mientkiewicz, Pedro
Orioles: Gibbons, Sammy Sosa
Phillies: Rheal Cormier (in French), Mike Lieberthal, Chase Utley, Randy Wolf
Tigers: Farnsworth, Mike Maroth, Nate Robertson
White Sox: Joe Crede, Paul Konerko, A.J. Pierzynski, Scott Podsednik
Yankees: A-Rod, Bubba Crosby, Derek Jeter, Matsui, Jorge Posada, Tanyon Sturtze

I guess I stumbled into a whole community slash (and I mean slash) subculture that I didn't know existed. And they're often hilarious. Here's some quasi-illumination.

Edit: added Manny, Wells, Grissom. I like the ones that take somewhat less hailed players such as Tomko - kind of reminds me of how people like to choose obscure players as their user names on baseball message boards.

Edit #2: added Youks, Theo, Ortiz, Sosa, and a second Nomar one. I feel like inventing one meself at this rate...

Excellent. Thanks for compiling these.

there actually seem to be two "sets" of player journals... the really old ones that are friendslocked belong to one set (the slasher RPG set) and the newer, public journals belong to a different set. There might be some overlap, but as far as I know, this community is exclusively the second set.

Hope that helps. :)

Livejournal scares the crap out of me, but this is absolutely hilarious.

Someone's writing The Farns! I die.

Just echoing what anonymous said- seems the ones in that dugout joint seem to be of a different set than the others.

There's also Kirk Reuter and Marquis Grissom as far as Giants LiveJournals go.

Just a heads up: The Pettitte link is actually a link back to the Clemens journal.

The Kirk Reuter one got deleted... but I've added Grissom. And I fixed the Pettitte and Morgan Ensberg links. Clearly, no one cares enough about Ensberg to check that one. :) The Clemens one is hilarious.

Now they all seem to be linking back to you... both Youkilis and Hideki

just so you know, some of those journals are set up as linked to a totally different roleplaying community, and really shouldn't be grouped in with some of the others. the ones with disclaimer links are perfectly legit and why they are being broadcasted like this is weird to me. the ones who actually claim to be the celebrity themselves, have your fun with, but some of those you've listed are honest with the fact that they are not who they are playing.

Oh... if you're the writer of any of the journals and you're upset with it being listed here, please e-mail me (link's on the sidebar) and I'll take it off. I know the tone of voice of those with disclaimers is different, but, at least from my point of view, I don't think anyone thinks any of them are real.

A lot of times, they're often really, really good reads, which is the main reason I linked to them.

Robinson Cano from the Yankees is also on. And lots more but that's all I know.

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