Friday, March 04, 2005

Kevin Millar's having twins

So Kevin Millar is having twins... and that could be part of the explanation for his lousy early-2004 performance. Hmm. Now I feel bad for ragging on him.

Actually, over at SoSH, star stathead poster Eric Van once noted that sometimes a player's performance slipping is pure statistical variation, but sometimes it could signal the effects of certain stressful non-game-related events - leading to this theory about the impact of Johnny Damon's divorce and custody battle back in 2002.

This other part, though, about Millar's mother sending him a care package of sorts, is just disturbing:
The box of chocolates cost $12, the shipping $40. The chocolates arrived in the mail Tuesday, packaged with a Playboy magazine, and a note, saying he'd have something to read while eating his chocolate.
I guess it's funny, in a way, but the idea of a mother sending her son Playboy is very strange to me.

With his wife that far pregnant - his mom was probably just trying to make sure he wasn't walking around with a loaded gun (so to speak) or "bothering" his poor wife.

Actually - that is probably just as disturbing.

Oh man, I totally agree. I was disturbed by the mother sending Kevin a Playboy.

I've got something worse, though. My roommate in college got a package from his grandmother. GRANDMOTHER. And in it? Colored, flavored condoms.


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